Good morning everybody,

Let’s have a beautiful day and do some wonderful business.
And… don’t forget to enjoy what you already have accomplished in life. Right?

The Roman Stoics had a technique to appreciate and enjoy life to the fullest. Although the technique is about 2000 years old (give or take a few 100 years), it could be very useful for goal-setting employees, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.


Let’s give it a shot….

Close your eyes.

First imagine the worst that can happen in relation to your work. Yes, that’s right! The worst! Maybe lose your business? Have a mental breakdown? Burnout? Sick? Go bankrupt? Fail like you never failt before? Lose your house because of that? And your car? Get in dept? Struggling with relations? Losing friends and family as a result? Et cetera.

Imagine this vivid and feel the pain, fear and whatever comes up inside.

This is called a negative visualization. Not pretty, but very useful. Why?


Open your eyes.
And breath. Feel the air in your lungs.

Look around and become aware what you have. We mostly get used to the circumstances and our possessions (the stoics call this Hedonic Adaption). But nothing is for granted. This is what you have created. This life once was your dream, your goal. And you’re living it. Realize that. Feel the moment, as it is. Appreciate what you have. Learn to be satisfied with small things. A ho cup of coffee, running water, a friendly smile, the wind blowing in your face, a computer to work on, colleagues, friends, ….
O yes you may dream big and set goals. But don’t let this get in your way to appreciate in the present.

You are alive. Created out of nothing. Given to the world so you can give back all your love and talents.

Have a beautiful day and do some wonderful business.